Nature-Inspired Table Arrangements

PicMonkey CollageChristmas time is done, and now all that is left is grey skies and slushy roads. It’s the “winter blues” time of year, when everyone is ready for spring to bloom!

To survive these few dreaded months after Christmas, one of my favourite things to do to lift my spirits is introduce some nature-inspired decor into my house, for a little colour and liveliness. Being surrounded by nature-inspired decor is very therapeutic, relaxing and can make your house and little more homey!

One of the simplest and quickest ways to introduce some nature-inspired decor is to throw together a set of mason jar arrangements, complete with greenery, some colourful flowers and anything else your heart desires! I got a few pieces of eucalyptus, a little dirt and some grey stones and put them into a wide-mouthed mason jar. To add a little whimsical touch and give the arrangement some height, I added some small branches that intertwine with the eucalyptus leaves.CSC_0464Get creative and inspired, add some daisies or any of your favourite (colourful) flowers! I experimented with some candles and mini pinecones straight from the backyard.

I love how these turned out, and hopefully this will lift your spirits for these last few months of winter! Have fun creating a beautiful tablescape for your home.

These arrangements are so versatile! Use a similar concept for DIY rustic wedding centrepieces, thanksgiving decor and so much more.


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