But What If You Fly?

Today is all about feeling good, believing in yourself and always holding on to hope. Whether you’re thinking of taking a big creative risk this faithful day, or you’re taking just a small risk in the workplace, remember to ask yourself “but what if I fly” and hold on to that little sprinkle of hope.


I always write this little quote in my notebooks, planners and on sticky notes everywhere so I am constantly reminded to take risks, because I just might fly. This has inspired me to do so much in my life, including starting my own little business and I really hope it can inspire you today, and encourage you to stop worrying your mind with “but what if I fall?”

So I encourage you to take that risk today, and live this day to the fullest. A healthy, positive mind is one of the most powerful forces on this earth, so continue to ask yourself “what if I fly?” and come back next week for an inspirational kick start to your brand new day!

Jessie xo


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