Making New Old

cover photoNo, I did not make a mistake; today I am making new look old again!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been getting so sick of straight-edge high gloss pieces lately. After re-decorating my room (shabby-chick inspired), I realized that my IKEA pieces just weren’t working. So, naturally I decided to kick out my chalk paints to add some character!

I’ve spent the last few months experimenting with some new paint brands and some techniques, and thought it was only fair to introduce all of my fellow chalk paint lovers to Fusion Mineral Paint. Same concept as chalk paint (no priming or sanding required), with a built-in top coat (SCORE)! I’m going to get right into showing you all the steps I took to achieve this rustic, two-toned look on my IKEA dresser.

1. Colour PalettesPicMonkey Collage

Before you start on your first coat, go ahead and choose the colours for your dresser that match your room and achieve the look you’re going for. Unfortunately, I didn’t find my “perfect” colour in the selection that Fusion offered, so I just decided to mix my grey-brown colour instead by using 2 pints of “Algonquin” (a beige-y colour) and 1 pint of Coal Black.paint colourI bought all of my paint at Pure Boutique in Burlington downtown for those of you in the area.

2. Simply Paint!

There’s no real trick or special technique to painting with Fusion mineral paint; simply paint!

Make sure you are painting with a natural bristle paint brush. Just dip the paint brush in a little bit of paint to start, and then paint on a thin layer of paint. It’s as simple as that- first coat, done!paint brushLet your first coat dry for about 30 minutes, and then move onto your second (and likely final coat). Put this coat on a little bit thicker than the first, and make sure you are smoothing out your brush strokes and applying your paint evenly!

After I applied my grey-brown colour, I decided that I need to lighten up the dresser a little bit more. I decided to paint the three drawers of the dresser in the colour “Limestone” (a creamy white). I love this little touch to the dresser!DSC_0114

3. Don’t Stress, Just Distress!

After leaving your last coat of paint to dry for about 1 hour, it is time to put in some elbow grease and start distressing! This step is completely optional depending on the look you’re going for, but since I’m going for a rustic look, I want some of the original colour to show through.

In order to achieve this look, I took a piece of 600 grit wet-dry sandpaper and soaked it in some room temperature water. I then took the sandpaper and sanded the corners and small areas where I wanted some the original material to show through. You can do as much or as little distressing as you’d like- you can totally get creative with it.

4. Last Minute Touches

finalAbout an hour before I left for my plane to Florida, I decided that my dresser needed a little something extra to give it a more rustic feel and add some dimension (very last minute, I know). So, I ran out to grab some French Caffeine wax by the van Gogh Fossil Paint brand (also from Pure Boutique).

I applied the wax with a regular natural bristle brush, concentrating on the corners of the dresser drawers, and creating streaks throughout the brown-grey portion of the piece. I love how this turned out and highly recommend the French Caffeine wax to add some brown tones throughout your piece for a more rustic look!

I absolutely love the way my dresser turned out, and I hope this little post inspires you to get painting!



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