Someday I will …

“There are 7 days in a week and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them”. I thought is quote was appropriate for the start of a brand new week, as we have 7 fresh days ahead of us to do whatever we please. final
This Monday is all about making the most out of our days and weeks, and fulfilling dreams and plans as they come. This quote reminds us that when we have dreams, we shouldn’t keep saying “someday I will …”, we should plan to accomplish and achieve our goals. So this week, I encourage you to plan your days ahead of you to accomplish some of your dreams and plans for the future. I sometimes find myself having dreams without a plan, and sometimes that leads to nowhere. So, instead of saying “someday I will…”, say “Thursday I will …”! I hope this little quote inspired you this week to set a plan and accomplish what you would like. If you’d like to see some more inspirational quotes, head on over to my pinterest board dedicated to all of my favourite quotes!

Happy Monday!


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