I’ve been a night owl from the time I was young, always wanting to stay up talking to my mom, reading books and colouring. I never outgrew my blessing-and-a-curse, as I still lay awake and let my brain DSC_0840take me wherever in dreamland it wants to go. Although my nocturnal ways make it much too easy to press “snooze” on my alarm clock and much too difficult to peel myself out from under my covers, my best creative ideas are conceived at the darkest hours of night. These creative concoctions and ideas are undoubtedly the perks of being a night owl!

Thankfully, my fellow night-time brainstormer over these past 19 years has been my mom. However, I know there is a community out there with a population that includes more than just the two of us. Night owls are powerful thinkers on their own, but together we are unstoppable.

That’s why I created my first small business; Night Owl Soap Co. and blog “Perks of being a Night Owl”, stemmed from my passion for lifestyle, natural health and everything that smells good. In addition to sharing my business adventures and products, I always try to upload plenty of DIYs that I love and you can enjoy!

So, instead of nights alone counting sheep and waiting for your brain to shut off and let you sleep, I hope that you can join the creative community of fellow night owls to share your creativity and become inspired as you lay awake (but don’t blame me when you absolutely cannot leave your bed in the morning!)

Love, Jessie


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