Designing a Life You Love

design imageThe weather outside is not so delightful, but nevertheless it’s a fresh new week and fresh new month. I arose bright and early this morning with a creative mood and determined mindset, so this week, naturally, is about designing a life you love.

I’ve had so many bursts of inspiration lately, and unfortunately, not enough time. We all have things that have to take first priority sometimes, like school or work, and it can feel like we don’t have enough time to do the things we love. While it’s almost impossible to eliminate all of the things that make us unhappy, I’ve decided that April is about filtering out the bad and bringing on the good.

I went through a sort of panic last year, when I decided that English was more of a hobby than a subject I wanted to study. I did gain so much knowledge and experience from my studies, and don’t regret it in the slightest, but I knew I had to think about what my next step was. I decided to change programs, something that was more entrepreneurial and business-oriented.

At that moment, I decided to design a life I loved. It became important to me to prioritize what was going to make me happy, and take those opportunities.

This April, I’m going to be doing more “designing”. That includes filtering out the bad, and most importantly, doing things that I love more often. I hope this April you’ll be a little more inspired to design your life according to your own colourful, beautiful vision.

If you’d like some more motivation between this Monday and next, I am constantly adding quotes to my pinterest page, so head over and be prepared to be inspired!