Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Pic 1It’s that pastel-coloured time of year again everyone (aka my favourite time of year)! After browsing pinterest and lots of visits to thrift stores, I decided to make these cute little teacup arrangements for Easter, and thought I’d share them with you today!

I made these arrangements specifically to spruce up my table for Easter dinner, however, they work great for just some little spring decorations as well.

I’ve made two variations of this DIY, and you can most definitely experiment with this idea and make them your own! I made this first teacup as a little name place card for guests at my Easter dinner. I decided on a bird’s nest arrangement, complete with a couple of speckled eggs!pic 6For this arrangement, you will need:

  • An antique teacup set of your choice (these are fairly easy to find at thrift and antique stores)
  • two speckled eggs (you can find these at most local craft stores)
  • a little bird’s nest (you can also find this at most craft stores, or you could make this yourself)
  • moss

First, I filled up my teacup almost to the lip with some of my moss, this will help give the bird’s nest some height. Then, I set my bird’s nest on top and hot glued two little eggs in the center.pic 4I love how this one turned out, and think this makes an adorable name place tag for an Easter brunch with friends and family!

For the second teacup, I drew some inspiration from one of my favourite things about spring: flowers!pic 3For this arrangement, you will need:

  • 1 white teacup and 3 matching plates (preferably of different sizes)
  • twine
  • assortment of your favourite spring flowers (I chose tulips and lisianthus)
  • sheet moss
  • floral foam

To start this arrangement, cut a cube of floral foam to fit your teacup. Place the floral foam inside the teacup, fill the teacup with water and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. After this time is up, dump out the excess water from the cup.

At this point, you can start arranging your flowers in the teacup. There is no real technique for this, just place your flowers into the floral foam. You can’t go wrong with flowers, no matter how you arrange them, they always look pretty!

Once your flowers are all arranged in the teacup, you can start stacking your plates. Before you start on your first plate, cut out a round piece of sheet moss. Get your first (and biggest) plate and hot glue your sheet moss to the center.

After you have your moss glued to the plate, hot glue your second (smaller) plate to the center. Repeat this until you have to look shown in the picture above! If you’d like, wrap some twine around the arrangement just like you would a giftbox! This adds a unique touch and makes the stack more secure.pic 2

I think this teacup arrangement makes an adorable centerpiece when paired with some brown eggs, even more flowers and this “happy easter” sign!

I hope this inspired you to get creative this Easter! If you’re looking for more Easter inspiration, I’ve been on pinterest these last few weeks pinning everything spring, so head over and get ready to get crafty!