Cold and Flu Survival Guide

cover photoIt’s cold and flu season folks, and I’m sure you’re all overjoyed. Instead of taking pill after pill to relieve your sore throat, headache and nausea, I’ve decided to give you a few more (natural) options to get through your cold this season! Enjoy!

Loose Leaf TeasTea photo

I am not the biggest fan of teas, but there’s no arguing that they have their benefits, especially when you have that dreaded cold. The benefits of herbal teas depend on the flavour you choose, but all seem to relieve the sinuses and help soothe a sore throat. And that’s only the beginning!

Choose your favourite herbal tea (I put together a little list of what I’d recommend):

  • David’s Tea cold buster tea
  • Ginger Tea helps with nausea
  • Dragonfruit Tea (Teavana) helps to calm and help you get a good night’s rest

Eucalyptus and Peppermint MixEucalpytus Mix

After using a peppermint and eucalyptus body wash one morning in the shower when had a bad head cold, I realized that this scent helped so much to clear up my headache and nausea. Of course, I wanted something natural in replace of this body wash, so I experimented with this easy combination of eucalyptus leaves, peppermint scent and lemon zest. It has been my true hero through the cold season!

First, put a few eucalyptus leaves into a small jar, along with 1-2 drops of peppermint oil. Eucalyptus leaves and peppermint will help relieve a cough, runny nose, nasal congestion and a sore throat because of their respiratory benefits. Their refreshing scent will also relieve fatigue for those mornings you had to force yourself out of bed for work or school (us night owls tend to do this more than we should)!

Add a little lemon zest and store in a sealed container! When you are ready to use this cold-buster, add some hot water so the scents can really clear your sinuses. You can hold the mixture to your nose to relieve your symptoms, keep a bottle of it at your work desk, or try putting the mixture on a towel and rest it over your forehead.

Get Your Rest!Sleep Photo

It’s the one thing we all need but never seem to get enough of- sleep! Yes, I am giving you permission to sleep through your alarm. Your body needs its time to rejuvenate, and needs even more time when you’re sick. Don’t be afraid to stay in bed for a couple extra hours, and get to bed a little earlier than your usual time (hold off on those 2 a.m. creative adventures)!

Despite all of these natural ways to kick your cold in the butt, sleep will be the most important and healing of all. So rest up!

I hope you enjoyed this post and will be able to use some of these simple tips to survive your cold this season.